Choosing the best stockbroker in 2021

Choosing the best stock broker in 2021

You want to start in the stock market ? Before jumping into the adventure, you must absolutely choose an online broker in order to invest. Indeed, the broker allows you to have access to different financial markets. If you want to succeed in your investments, you will have to start by choosing the right broker.

And given the considerable number of online trading platforms, it will not be so simple. In the rest of this article, we will explain how to choose your stockbroker in 2021.

Stock exchange broker: to position yourself in the best way on the financial markets

To begin with, it is important to know that the stockbroker is an intermediary between the trader (investor) and the stock markets. It is the broker who executes the buy and sell orders given by the investor. He does this via an online investment platform that allows you to invest in the stock market directly via the Internet.

Before deciding on one broker rather than another, you should know that a stockbroker must be licensed and authorized to work in France. In other words, make sure that your broker is not on the AMF’s blacklist and that he is registered with Regafi before subscribing to an offer. To learn more about the offers of stock brokers, don’t miss the rest of the article which will deal with the different stock market products.

Stock market broker: to buy all types of financial products

Thanks to his broker, the trader can place himself on all the stock markets to buy and sell all the financial products that exist. Stocks, bonds, live securities, mutual funds, ETFs, trackers or stock market products, the investor can access all possible products to generate profits.

There should be no limits for the investor, except for his budget of course. However, it is important to know that not all stock brokers offer the same products. French platforms will allow you to invest in CAC 40 stocks but they will not all allow you to invest abroad.

You should therefore take this criterion into account before choosing your online broker. It will be up to you to check before subscribing that the assets you want to trade are available at the selected broker. This will avoid you to engage with a broker who will not allow you to invest as you wish afterwards.

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