What is a fiber optic customer

What’What is a’a customer for fiber optics ?

In the’world of fiber optics, there are many tools that help to install it. The optical cleaver has a place of choice among these objects, because it is essential to achieve a good cut and facilitate the welding of the optical fiber. C’is something that every fiber optic installer should have in their toolbox. What is the’utility of’a fiber optic clipper ? How to’to serve them ? What is its price ?

Cleavage, an essential operation during the search process’installation of the optical fiber

An optical fiber is a cable with a cœA fiber optic cable is a copper wire that allows a signal to be transmitted over long distances. For the performance of the optical fiber to be optimal, the cleavage must be well installed. This operation determines the success or failure of the soldering process, which consists of connecting two optical fibers. Cleaving consists of using a fiber optic cleaver.

C’is a device that allows you to make a cut-off deviceôThe cut must be accurate and precise’a fiber. C’It is a delicate action, because the slightest mistake has consequences on the quality of the fiber optic connection.

The divide of’A fiber optic is indeed necessary before the cleavage can be performed’to carry out a soldering. The fibers to be soldered must have a perfect and even cut with a 90° angle° to achieve a good weld and avoid power loss.

fiber optic cleaver

To make a precise cut, you need to choose a good quality clipper. There is a wide range of fiber optic clippers and the choice is often difficult to find the most efficient one. However, there are some characteristics you can consider when making your choice.

Choose a rotary blade clipper which does not require much maintenance.

Your clipper must be simple to use and easy to handle left or right. Your device must also allow you to use the clipper’have a high precision cut with a waste tank to collect the residue from the cut which can be dangerous for the eyes of the user’installer. It must be adaptable to all types of optical fibers.

Finally, you have to take into account its robustness and the fact that it can be used in a wide range of applications’it is integrated in a box to make it resistant to falls. Among the serious brands that offer good quality products, you will find the :

  • AFL is a Japanese company, subsidiary of Fujikua group, created in 2005. It has’a good reputation in the industry’telecommunication industry. C’is a major supplier of optical fiber and accessories.
  • FITEL developed by the company Fitel furukuwa which created its first optical fiber in 1974. It is recognized at the time of purchase’The product is manufactured on a worldwide scale and reproduces all the product directly associated with the optical fiber with a constant advanced technology.
  • Sumitomo which was created by a company that manufactures many tools in the field of fiber optics. Most network and telecom technicians consider this equipment to be a quality standard.

How a fiber optic splicer works ?

The speed of your connection depends largely on the quality of the cable’efficiency and precision of the fiber optic clipper. It allows to reduce to the maximum the defects related to the cut of the optical fiber. It is necessary to to master the process’s use’device and the different stages of cleavage.

To perform the cleaving of the fiber optic cable’If you want to connect an optical fiber, you have to start by preparing the fiber. It must be stripped on a few centimeters at the’help of’a pair of pliers. It is then necessary to clean it with saturated water to remove all traces of finger or residue. The stripped part is inserted into the cleaver. The part to be cut has to be well adjusted to the machine’inside the machine’device.

It is necessary to fold down the blade’It is important to read the manual to make sure that the blade is in good condition’It cuts with precision inside. After the cut, small debris must be cleaned up to prevent it from flying away and hurting the equipment’they s’The debris must be cleaned up to prevent it from flying away and injuring the equipment’installer. The two fibers to be connected must have an identical and smooth cutting angle.

Regardless of the brand, in order to achieve a precise cut, the cutter must be well adjusted. To the’When you buy the machine you have to do a test to check the quality and all the functionalities of the machine’device. The technician who uses it’It is necessary to know the different cutting techniques and to master the instructions of the’device. It is important to read the manual’s use’It is a device that is used before starting to work on a global scale’Use.

Some precautions also contribute to the precision of the clipper. It is’acts of regular cleaning before and after each use. It is also necessary to make a checkôthe technique between two uses.

You should also make sure that you regularly empty the waste garbage can or tank of the client to avoid reducing the performance of the’device.

fiber optic clipper

Where is’and at what price ?

A fiber optic clipper, you can find in stores that sell fiber optic equipment and accessories. You can also buy online on serious sales platforms. If you search on the internet, you will find many companies that market fiber optic clippers.

The price of’The price of a clipper varies between 120 and 800 euros depending on the brand and the functionalities that it offers’it offers. Some brands offer new features such as the ability to connect via Bluetooth to another device or clippers with variable brightness LED screen. Also avoid’buy a cheap cliveuse, but it doesn’t work for a long time. You should always check the features and prefer providers that offer reassuring after-sales services.

It happens that two customers look alike in the same place’This information is used to adapt to each new situation based on previous scenarios, which have been used in the past, but with poor quality internal components for the future’a. Be careful when making your choice not to buy a counterfeit. Choose a good brand by taking into account the value for money.

This will allow you to’to have a good device that can serve you over a long period of time.

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