Self-employed building contractor how to start your business

Self-employed building contractor: how to launch your activity ?

The construction sector includes a large number of companies’The training will meet your real needs, and at the end of your training, a certificate certifying your skills will be issued to you. All these professional activities can be carried out as a self-employed person’self-employed. This status has many advantages.

Find out how to become self-employed in the construction sector, the advantages of this status, the compulsory insurances and the administrative steps to be taken to achieve your goals.

Choose the right decennial insurance for auto-entrepreneurs

Although’Some industries, such as construction, require mandatory insurance coverage: in general, self-employed individuals are not subject to any insurance rules’Some industries, such as construction, require mandatory insurance coverage’ten-year insurance. L’One of the main advantages of this insurance is that’it is possible to subscribe online. You can therefore visit to contact a brokerage company specialized in decennial insurance.

These experts will be able to propose you formulas adapted to the building professionals.

What are the obligations of construction workers ?

The craftsmen of the building which s’The self-employed do not generally have to rely on insurance plans’Self-employment requires two types of skills’insurance :

  • l’decennial insurance: also called « ten-year guarantee », it covers the cost of repairing any deterioration or damage that has occurred after the site is closed, within 10 years of receiving the project,
  • professional civil liability (RC pro) which includes bodily injury (accidents and injuries), material damage (faults, theft or breakage) and immaterial damage that may occur on the current site.

Please note that self-employed workers in buildings must display the contact information of their insurance company’insurance on the various contractual documents (invoices and expert reports).

Discover the benefits of taking out decennial insurance online

If in the past you had to wait in a long line for a job, now you can do it yourself’While you may have to wait and fill out a pile of paperwork before taking out insurance, this whole process is now simplified thanks to the possibility of taking out decennial insurance online. Thus, you can now choose the training you want’You can choose the offer that suits you, provide all the necessary documents and purchase your insurance from the comfort of your couch. From brokerage companies will take care of proposing you the most adapted insurances to your activity and will facilitate your steps.

Self-employed building contractor, ten-year insurance, online brokerage company

What are the steps to register your business?’register as an auto-entrepreneur in the building industry ?

L’The building industry is part of the craft activities, which is why it is necessary to open a bank account’is why the competent business formation center (CFE) is the Chambre de l’Industry and commerce’craft industry (CMA). The professional has to be prepared for this’address to the latter to create, modify and terminate the activities. Regarding the procedures, they are free and easy to carry out.

Declare the’activity by filling in the form below a declaration form of’independent called « Form P0 Æ ». It is available online, it can be sent in digital or paper version to the Chamber of Trades and Industry’Crafts. You must then attach several mandatory documents to this form:

  • a copy of’a piece of identification’identity card on both sides,
  • a proof of address,
  • a declaration of’innocence,
  • a copy of the technical competence documents (diploma, certificate, etc.)ômy, certificates, etc.).

A few weeks later, you will receive l’certificate of registration’registration in the directory of companies and establishments issued by the’INSEE, which contains the SIRET number and the SIREN number. The craftsmen must be registered in the Trade Register, but no action is to be taken’The only requirement for this is the declaration of the company’s name’The activity will result in an automatic registration.

The last optional step is the training course to prepare for the job’installation (SPI). Interested entrepreneurs have 30 days to apply for a license’activities to participate. N’do not forget the’to open a bank account for the company’auto-entrepreneur and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’sign up for a professional liability insurance.

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