Audio marketing The emotional power of music in the mind of the consumer

Audio marketing: The emotional power of music in the workplace’consumer’s mind

It is very likely that music is prior to speech in the brain’story of the’human evolution. What is clear is that it’is that our brain reacts to any exposure to this substance. Some of the effects of music have been known for thousands of years, from its use in some cultures as a vehicle to enter into a trance, to its use as a tool to stimulate the mind’to the well-known saying that she “loves animals”.

Recent findings in neuroscience have revealed that music simultaneously stimulates several regions of the brain, especially the one in charge of emotions. Neuroscience applied to marketing, the neuromarketing, The studies have shown and confirmed some surprising effects of audio marketing, which we could define as the “relaxation of the brain”’The use of sound or music to condition consumer behavior. In most marketing techniques, what is sought after is the emotional impact of the music’The most important thing is that they help sell a product or brand.

As we will see, in some cases, the’The use of these techniques goes beyond the limits of the consumer’ethics.

According to Martin Lindstrom, in his latest book “Así se manipula al consumidor”, in a study by Peter Hepper of the’Queen’s University’In Belfast, it was discovered that two- to four-day-old babies were being relieved of the burden of care’To hear the main theme of’a TV series that their mothers had seen during pregnancy. One might think of the relaxing effects of music, but they did not show the same behavior with other types of music’Other musical themes.

Music induces emotional states

We all have songs or music that put us in a good mood, relax us or sadden us. The managers of some chain stores and shopping malls know this of course.

In an Asian chain of shopping malls, they designed a series of’s actions, which are intended for pregnant women’They considered it an interesting customer profile because of the large number of users’What to buy in the maternity ward. In addition to sprinkling talcum powder on areas of the body that are not in contact with the music, the music can also be used as a stimulant’In a baby article, an olfactory marketing technique, they programmed relaxing music from the beginning of the baby’s life’when these women were girls. They were trying to awaken positive memories of their childhood.

In addition to the’While it is true that this state facilitates our desire to increase sales, there was another “side effect” that no one was aware of’waited. A year after the start of these actions, many mothers went to the mall to tell them that their babies relaxed and calmed down by entering this center, not the others.

Toddlers have been able to reproduce the pleasant sensations that they experience when they listen to music’they had in their mother’s womb, thanks to the music and the’The development of the history of the center’s scent, that is to say, the development of a sense of identity’They had received, combined with their mother’s more relaxed heartbeat, a series of.

Music increases the production of “brain power’joy hormone”.

Music stimulates several regions of the brain. When this music relaxes us or makes us feel better, we are more likely to feel better’If we like it, our body increases the production of energy’endorphins, a hormone that increases joy and eliminates pain, producing a feeling of joy and happiness. Obviously, this state facilitates our desire to increase sales’buy. C’It’s a good idea to listen to it’One of the reasons for the use of music is that it’s use of music’Audio Marketing in the retail sector.

The rhythm of the music conditions your activity

Our hearts tend to be in harmony with the rhythm of music, particularly with the lowest sounds. In pop and rock music, these sounds are usually those of the bass drum. C’This is why slow music relaxes us and makes us take things more calmly.

This is used by sales managers because it is not a coincidence, it is the only way to make them feel comfortable’They know that the longer you stay in the store, the more opportunities you have to enjoy the experience’buy. However, in times of’You’ve probably been horrified by the accumulation of customers, or in sales with only one opportunity to sell’If you are shopping (restaurants, fast food), use faster beats to get customers to “move” or even chew faster.

Music ensures the’privacy

L’one of the most common uses of music in commerce is to provide a sense of intimacy’to ensure a certain intimacy. L’The objective is that the customer can talk or comment without being heard by other customers or by the salesmen themselves. It also provides an environment that helps to “break the ice” and facilitates the use of music’action.

It has’air important too.

In some Nike stores in the U.S., the sounds of basketballs bouncing and bouncing are a common sight’Other sounds related to the sport are used as atmospheric elements in the store.

Some supermarkets have experimented with fish sections, for example, to disguise the product as a “fish”’s smell, combine it with the smell of fish’It also provides an environment that helps to “break the ice” and facilitates the use of music and the sounds of the sea and seagulls’It’s a great way to turn a previously unpleasant experience into one that transports you to a small fishing port on the French coast.

The music takes you on a journey

According to an experiment conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’University of Leicester in the wine section of the store’In a large supermarket, 77% of consumers bought French wine the day they used French music as background music. It is interesting to note that sales were also concentrated on German wines on the day when the background music was German.

Music attracts your tribe.

In these “niche” stores, it’s the only way to get the most out of your music’i.e. aimed at very specific customer profiles, also called “tribes” in marketing jargon, music acts as a distinctive element and even as an attraction to the outside world.

The quality of the music can make you unthinking.

I’m sure this has happened to you before: you’re in the car listening to the sound of the bass drum’You listen to your favorite music at high volume, and when you need to park, you instinctively turn down the volume. This is not’This is not a coincidence, it is due to the fact that music, which is the most important part of our lives, is not only a means of communication’This is due to the fact that music, or any loud noise and/or high volume, hinders the ability to concentrate and, therefore, the ability to make decisions rationally.

So the next time you’re in a commercial environment and the volume or sound quality bothers you, they may try to entice you to make a rash purchase.

Music as a deterrent

You’ve probably been horrified or confused by this’Have you ever been able to enter a store whose music volume seemed too loud and whose music style was uncomfortable for you. This n’is not casual. This type of’The atmosphere is designed for customers who usually listen to this type of music and at this volume, usually in discos and pubs.

This setting is designed to make clients, usually teenagers, feel at home’and, at the same time, for their parents to wait in the street or not to go there. In d’in other words, this atmosphere throws parents for a loop.

Timing is important

L’customer orientation is fundamental in audio marketing. Therefore, the right settings take into account the environment’Music is a deterrent to the customer’s mood and differentiates, for example, a Monday from a Saturday’It was a Saturday, a spring day’a day of’Fall, three o’clock’eight o’clock afternoon, or Christmas Valentine’s Day, programming specific music for each day on a daily basis, taking these moods as a starting point and trying to improve them.

Audio marketing is more than just a subscription’a simple music thread

Hilo Musical continues to’technology exists although’with more possibilities. However, large companies, such as Inditex, have specialists in their marketing departments who deal with the issue’You can use your mobile phone as a tool to manage your Internet and mobile budget’Audio Branding, another element of the Internet strategy’brand identity.

These companies have music and marketing experts who make daily selections for their stores and take into account many of the aspects discussed in the’article. Even, in some cases, these systems are adaptable in each locality, depending on specific situations such as the level of wealth or other.

With the incredible growth of technology possibilities, we will see this important part of sensorial marketing evolve and expand’The audio marketing will surely have a lot to say in the years to come.

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