How to keep good team communication going in times of pandemic

How to keep good team communication going during a pandemic ?

Chief of Staff’If you're a company, you know how much a équipe motivéis an indispensable asset in the life of a company’a companyété. With the health crisis due to the coronavirus, it is important that you have the right equipmentélés work’is quickly imposedé for the sécurité of all. A new way toçon to operate, which may tend to be more à Isolate team members’a équipe. So, what are the best practices to keep a cohesive online presence?ésion between employees ?

help with the right tools

Whatsapp conversations are a great way to dés and start the dayéThis will encourage regular participation: say hello, but also say hello to each otherôturer session. The Slack platform allows for à How to effectively communicate about your differencesévarious files. Même in the case whereù all employees have access to the Internetès to the mêmy information (marketing campaigns, sales, customer experience, etc.)…You can also survey your employees to determine their preferences (e.g., the time of day, day of week, etc.) via a Microsoft Dynamics CRM package or by e-mail, distance and time of dayéYou have to à to take decisionsécisions. N’hédon't à to inform the’You can also survey employees to determine their preferences à on this channel.

This involves them more. Other indispensable tools: Smash, to transferéand Trello, for project management.

Organize meetings to discusséguliers

Préto have fun

C’It is a fact that it is still more difficult for a manager to build a real winning spirit’équipe à distance that when all employeesés are located on the premises of the’company. So why not offer à your employees of the moments récréatifs ? Sésports facilities, coffee breaks, etcé, video gameséo, afterwork… The côté informal helps the employeesés à to get startedéstrengthen their relationships and help them à gain in productivityé for the following !

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